Polishing - Surface Treatments

Industrial Polishing - Surface Treatments

Pimecsa has Services for the treatment of metallic surfaces such as Steel, Aluminum and Brass.

Polishing, Blasting and Electro polishing service.

Satin , Frosted and Shiny finish.

With Welding and Machining service.

We perform In-Situ work, sometimes it is better to move than the cost of transport.

Pimecsa wants to offer a complete and personalized service based on the quality of each piece with the delivery in the shortest possible time.

Our own highly qualified technician to carry out any kind of treatment and advice based on more than 30 years of experience.

The best finish for all types of vessels:

Deposits for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Food industry.

All our jobs are personalized with direct customer service.

Contact us!

Pharmaceutical industry | Food

Pharmaceutical Industry: Agitators and Mixers. Polished mirror with roughness Ra> 0.5. The most demanding finish.

Food Industry: Agitators, Mixers, Micronizers, Vacuum Packing and Bottling. Mirror polishing.

Service maintenance and repulido of deposits. Roughness certificate for each team. More than 35 years of experience.

Boilermaking | Machinery

Pressure equipment, reactors, silos, tanks, hoppers, injection molds ...

Textile Machinery, Bakery and Hospitality.

Cooking machinery, kneaders, choppers ...

Decoration | Furniture | Accessories

Interior and Exterior Decoration

Railings, Stairs, Doors, Lifts ...

Signs, logos, anagrams ...

Funeral furniture (cold rooms, tombstones, goldsmiths…)

Automotive | Nautical


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