Agitator Repair

Industrial Agitator Repair

Industrial Agitator Repair

The main objective is to repair the equipment in the minimum time possible by adapting to your needs while providing a budget for your repair according to your requirements.

For this, it is necessary to make a comprehensive evaluation of the damages, in some occasions it is necessary to disassemble the equipment and review them in our workshops.

At Pimecsa we perform the inspection, diagnosis and repair of any industrial agitator, in addition to other types of machines such as dryers and horizontal solids mixers, Nutsche filters, centrifugal pumps, vacuum pumps and more.

We also offer our customers the possibility of making modifications and adaptations to existing agitation equipment to meet ATEX 94/9/CE regulations, such as replacing a stuffing box with a mechanical seal, changing gears and/or motors, changing turrets and semi-shafts, etc.

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