Chemistry is one of the most dynamic emerging areas in the industry today.

Pimecsa provides extensive know-how has successfully designed and manufactured agitators for various fine chemical processes.

Our experience in the chemical industry allows us to optimize each process, adding value to each project.

With our stirrers, we shake and mix the following products:

  • Paints: Resins, varnish, stains, glues and adhesives.
  • Detergents: Cleaning products, gels, shampoos.
  • Lubricants: Greases and industrial lubricants.
  • Biofuels: Biodiesel, bioethanol.
  • Textile: Dyes, dyes.
  • Agrochemistry: Fertilizers, fertilizers, insecticides.


  • Solids suspension.
  • Polymerization reactions.
  • Homogenization of finished products.
  • Dissolution and / or mixing.
  • Chemical reactions.
  • Temperature homogenization.


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