Enhancing your engineering projects since 1984
Big challenges for complex solutions
Our lifetime objective is to deliver the highest quality equipment and instrumentation
Our customer's challenges are our quality progress drivers
We create value through real evolution
Reference manufacturer for your projects
Polishing Service


Quality and mechanical robustness.


Adaptation to complex solutions.


Fast and effective Technical Response.


High Quality Maintenance and After-sales Service.

Tecnico Agitación Industrial · Pimecsa

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Our goal then and now is to provide quality on time projects

The 3 keys to success

Diseño · Pimecsa


Each client has a different need – each project needs a different solution

Fabricación · Pimecsa


Our direct manufacturing strategy allows us to have control over the quality of the product and the service we provide to our customers

Servicio · Pimecsa


Our team of professionals, with a great experience and knowledge, evaluates the client's needs

After-sales Service

Agitadores e Instrumentos de Mesura · Pimecsa
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